Bend Over And Pray The Lord

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"Bend Over And Pray The Lord" om ansambi Lordi albom, miä ilmu 2012. aastagal.

Luuq[toimõndaq | toimõndaq lätteteksti]

  1. "Get Heavy"
  2. "Playing The Devil" ("Bend Over and Pray the Lord")
  3. "Cyberundertaker"
  4. "Steamroller"
  5. "Almost Human"
  6. "Idol"
  7. "Paint In Blood"
  8. "Death Suits You Fine"
  9. "I Am The Leviathan"
  10. "Take Me To Your Leader"
  11. "Monstermotorhellmachine"
  12. "With Love And Sledgehammer"
  13. "The Dead Are The Family"
  14. "White Lightning Moonshine"

Inemiseq[toimõndaq | toimõndaq lätteteksti]

  • Tomi Putaansuu, Mr. Lordi
  • Jussi Sydänmaa, Amen
  • Sami Keinänen, G-Stealer
  • Erna Siikavirta, Enary